Hi, my name is Peter Medvedev. I was born in 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have traveled to many different places. Since I was little one of my key interests and skills was being creative. I've always been good at thinking in multiple different ways. This allows me to see one thing from multiple different perspectives. I enjoy creating new art and inventions. I've always been handy and creative with everything I do. Since I was little I would draw a lot as my main hobby. Eventually, I started taking lots of different art classes as I got older. I like creating corporate logos and advertisements. That's what I'm best at. As a graphic designer, I create anything that has to do with vector graphics and or anything print related. My goal as a graphic designer is to eventually open up my own print business and expand further if I can. I am able to think outside the box and come up with ideas/concepts that others can't. I understand cultures and people better because I traveled the world and lived in many different places. I can come up with many concepts in any situation very quickly.

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